Zachary Foxx
Full Name Zachary Foxx
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2001
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family N/A
Relationships N/A
Job Student
School(s) Newburgh Free Academy
First Episode The Next Four Years (1)
Last Episode N/A
Episode Count  ?
Portrayed By Nick Robinson

Zachary Foxx is a Class of 2020 student in Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, New York. As of Season 1, He is a main character and main protagonist of Newburgh. He is originally portrayed as an eccentric and hyperactive young male with a streak of over reacting and acting over the top. He is also the school's gossip and tends to spread a lot of rumours.

Zachary is good friends with Darren but other than him, He has no other friends and they are both loners and nerds.

He is portrayed by Nick Robinson.

Character HistoryEdit

Season OneEdit