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The first season of Nathan's fan fiction series, Newburgh, first aired on TBA, 2016. From the creators of the critically acclaimed fan fiction series that all lasted one episode before being cancelled, Newburgh focuses on a group of High School students, set in Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, New York.

This season focuses on social, political and general issues in everyday life and covers controversial issues and topics. Season One also focuses on the the everyday lives, scrutiny and stress of ever day High School, focusing on the class of 2020 and bringing in new characters in the seasons following.

Allisyn Ashley Arm (Madeline Carr), Ariana Grande (Natasha Montgomery), Bella Thorne (Cassie Sharpe), Bianca Santos (Isabella Gonzales), Brenda Song (Yue Chang), Cody Christian (Johnathan Henley), David Lambert (Darren Sharpe), Dough Brochu (Jimmy Richards), Dove Cameron (Sydney Walsh), Emma Roberts (Holly Taylor), Jordan Fisher (Lucas Porter), Kathryn Prescott (Amelia Montclare), Keke Palmer (Mira Jones), Logan Lerman (Kyle Ogilvie), Luke Pasqualino (Lawrence Rossi), Maia Mitchell (Malaya Lopez), Megan Prescott (Heather Montclare), Nick Robinson (Zachary Foxx), Ryan McCartan (Derek Schneider) and Shane Harper (Joseph Sweeting) are introduced into the main cast of this season.

On TBA, 2016, Newburgh was renewed for a 22-episode second season after no episodes had premiered due to how sickening the season was going to be. It is expected for a Fall 2016 release.


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Image Title Original Airdate
Episode1 1. "The Next Four Years (1)" TBA, 2016

Plot: The Class of 2020 start their year off on a high note as they enter the doors of Newburgh Free Academy. The students keep in touch with their old connections and make new ones as a clique of girls already begins to take form.

Episode2 2. "The Next Four Years (2)" TBA, 2016

Plot: Their first week of school isn't going as smoothly as originally planned when a life-changing event occurs and the student body is sent into a whirlwind of chaos. Meanwhile, the new clique of girls recruits it's latest member for the sake of "diversity".

Episode3 3. "New Recruits" TBA, 2016

Plot: The Underclassman (Freshman/Sophomore) football team begins to recruit new members to join and an unlikely candidate tries out for the team, meanwhile the cheer leading squad also begins recruiting, but when a freshman comes in and takes over, the availability of spots on the team lowers drastically.

Episode4 4. "Presidential Election" TBA, 2016

Plot: Emo girl Madeline begins to run for the Freshman year presidential elections and everything is going well until three new candidates pop up and try to steal her thunder, now? Now it's full on war.

Episode5 5. "Shining Twins" TBA, 2016

Plot: The school's latest addition - a set of twins that just moved into town in time for school starting begin to start causing a scene amongst students as they both begin to pine after the same man, which ends badly.

TBA 6. "Naivety" TBA, 2016

Plot: When Maya gets her first ever sex-ed class, her best friend Kyle realises she's a lot more naive than what he originally thought. Well, Naive or un-educated. When Kyle tells Maya how innocent she is, She sets out to change this and ends up running into some trouble.

TBA 7. "Odd One Out" TBA, 2016

Plot: Sydney and Isabella begin feeling like they are underappreciated in their group and attempt to voice their opinions louder and clearer, but when they are given a ultimatum, they find that they aren't competing against their friends, they're competing against themselves.

TBA 8. "Boy Next Door" TBA, 2016

Plot: A member of the football team catches one of the popular girls' eyes and they begin to go after him, but when they find out he isn't available, it becomes an all out war. Meanwhile, another member deals with a pressing issue, also relating to love. One that could change her life forever.

TBA 9. "Fabulous" TBA, 2016

Plot: The school's token gay boy - Joe - begins to feel like he's completely alone with no friends, until one of the school's labelled "weirdos" approaches him and he gains one. While trying to get the boy off of his back, Joe ends up in a world of hurt as he deals with a bigger issue that was caused by this.

TBA 10. "Tall, Dark and Handsome" TBA, 2016

Plot: A loner kid in school is suddenly propelled unwillingly into the spotlight as someone sees the beauty in him. With a little sprucing up, he suddenly has a large group of females pining after him, but how will he tell them he doesn't want their attention?

TBA 11. "Precious" TBA, 2016

Plot: It's Black History month at Newburgh Free and the very small population of the student body that is black begins to feel misrepresented and underappreciated within the confines of the school. Mira, one of the cheerleaders, begins to take action and gets a violent reaction for doing so.

TBA 12. "Nothing Like You" TBA, 2016

Plot: One member of the football team begins to adopt feelings for someone... someone he shouldn't be having feelings towards. To combat this, he begins to date someone else to disguise his feelings, but it ends up backfiring on him.

TBA 13. "Geek Chic" TBA, 2016

Plot: Zach and Darren start to feel left out by the other members of the student body and they try to make themselves more popular by putting on a flashy display for the school, but in the end, one of them takes the rise as the other one is left to fall.

TBA 14. "Pretty Little Lies" TBA, 2016

Plot: A member of the popular crew fears going to the Christmas dance after believing she has gained weight and people will think she's fat. Immediately, Holly comes up with a plan to counteract this, but it ends up hurting her rather than helping her friend.

TBA 15. "Welcome Back" TBA, 2016

Plot: It's the first day back after the Christmas break and parent's are being invited to the school for a progress report on their children. With failing grades and an even worse attendance schedule, Holly comes up with a plan to stop her parents from attending the parents day, to varying degrees of success.

TBA 16. "The Breakup" TBA, 2016

Plot: Valentine's day is just around corner, yet love is not in the air for more than one couple at Newburgh. Meanwhile, Derek has troubles at home when he notices his parents arguing and fighting a lot more frequently than usual.

TBA 17. "Rumours" TBA, 2016

Plot: When a member of the popular girls notices a teacher getting a little too close to comfort with one of his students, they take action and tell their friends. By the end of the week - everyone has heard the news, much to both the teacher and the 'victims' surprise.

TBA 18. "Unwanted" TBA, 2016

Plot: It's almost the end of the school year, and you know what that means? End of the year party. Holly throws a party and invited the entire 9th grade to her mansion... but when more people than she bargained for appear, things go south quickly.

TBA 19. "Science Fair" TBA, 2016

Plot: Darren and Zach have been working towards the science fair all year, but in a last ditch effort to look 'cool', Zach bails on the assignment and leaves Darren to do it on his own. They get in a fight and fall out, then Zach gets an offer he can't refuse.

TBA 20. "Cool Kids" TBA, 2016

Plot: A group of 'Cool Kids' from a nearby connected school, Newburgh Free North Campus, pass by, The popular girls decide to mess up their day. When one of them reacts violently, however, and attacks one of their friends, they realise their mistakes.

TBA 21. "Should I Stay or Should I Go? (1)" TBA, 2016

Plot: Someone gets an offer they just can't refuse - to be the star of a TV show in New York, New York. But when they realise what they are leaving behind, they begin to reconsider. Meanwhile, another girl begins her career as a model, but realises she may not be up for the scrutiny of the spotlight.

TBA 22. "Should I Stay or Should I Go? (2)" TBA, 2016

Plot: After she makes her decision, she begins to regret her choices and thinks what 'might have been' if she chose the other path. Meanwhile, at her first modelling gig, things begin to go awry and she tries to escape the situation, which doesn't work in her favour.