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TBA, 2016 - present

Newburgh is an American Teen Drama fan fiction series written, produced, and directed by Nathan, creator of multiple series' that only lasted one episode; the series first aired on TBA, 2016. It focuses on a group of High School students that are deaing with the daily life and scrutiny of High School life, tackling multiple political, social and general issues during it's run, set in Newburgh, New York, within the non-fictional school of Newburgh Free Academy.

The series was created by Nathan - some character's are based on real people, and others are not. In comparison to his previous fan fictions, There will be more than one episode. I promise. Love you.

The series garnered enough attention after it's previews to push the season along for a further infite more seasons. The show will go on forever. Or one episode depending. Depends if I'm lazy or not. XOXO - A (Gossip Girl).


Main CastEdit

Actor Character Season
1 2 3 4
Allisyn Ashley Arm Madeline Carr Main
Arina Grande Natasha Montgomery Main
Bella Thorne Cassie Sharpe Main
Bianca Santos Isabella Gonzales Main
Brenda Song Yue Chang Main
Cody Christian Johnathan Henley Main
David Lambert Darren Sharpe Main
Doug Brochu Jimmy Richards Main
Dove Cameron Sydney Walsh Main
Emma Roberts Holly Taylor Main
Jordan Fisher Lucas Porter Main
Kathryn Prescott Amelia Montclare Main
Keke Palmer Mira Jones Main
Logan Lerman Kyle Ogilvie Main
Luke Pasqualino Lawrence Rossi Main
Maia Mitchell Malaya Lopez Main
Megan Prescott Heather Montclare Main
Nick Robinson Zachary Foxx Main
Ryan McCartan Derek Schneider Main
Shane Harper Joseph Sweeting Main
Coco Jones Mitzie Jones Recurring
Cierra Ramirez Mariana Lopez Recurring
Danielle Campbell Laura Sweeting Recurring
Madisen Beaty Mabel Richards Recurring


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 22 TBA, 2016 TBA
2 22 TBA TBA
3 22 TBA TBA
4 22 TBA TBA