Malaya Lopez
Full Name Malaya Lopez
Nickname(s) Maya (Everyone)
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2001
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family N/A
Relationships N/A
Job Student
School(s) Newburgh Free Academy
First Episode The Next Four Years (1)
Last Episode N/A
Episode Count  ?
Portrayed By Maia Mitchell

Malaya Lopez is a Class of 2020 student in Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, New York. As of Season 1, She is a main character and main protagonist of Newburgh. She is originally portrayed as a confident and outgoing, yet adorable and almost stupidly naive young girl. However, she keeps her friends very close to her and is a loyal and caring friend to most.

Malaya is longtime friends with Kyle and Maddie. Other than the previously mentioned, she has no other really close friends but is very friendly with everyone she talks to.

She is portrayed by Maia Mitchell.

Character HistoryEdit

Season OneEdit