Johnathan Henley
Full Name Johnathan Henley
Nickname(s) John (Everyone)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2001
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Family N/A
Relationships N/A
Job Student
School(s) Newburgh Free Academy
First Episode The Next Four Years (1)
Last Episode N/A
Episode Count  ?
Portrayed By Cody Christian

Johnathan Henley is a Class of 2020 student in Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, New York. As of Season 1, He is a main character and main antagonist of Newburgh. He is portrayed as a big-headed and bullying jock, with a streak of homophobia and sexism behind him and violent tendencies, despite this he is very popular amongst the school's population as the quarterback of his football team, but he'll soon find that not everyone is in love with him as much as he thinks they are.

Johnathan is good friends with Lawrence, Derek and Lucas. Other than the previously said, he is very popular amongst the student body and has a lot of followers. He has a rivalry/hatred going on with some of the students, such as Joe, Kyle and Maya.

He is portrayed by Cody Christian.

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Season OneEdit